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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  September 6, 2014 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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coming up, making history tonight. the new 49ers stadium is hosting the first ever international soccer test, the big test for the stadium as it deals with a soldout crowd. tearing it down, a san francisco store gutted by the massive fire. the challenges for the crews. a frantic search for an at risk boy here in the south bay. we're going to have more on the search and rescue crews. we're helping the family right now. good evening, everyone within i'm terry mcsweeney. we're on right now because of college football. breaking news for you, a south bay family is searching for an at risk boy who never made it
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home. take a look at the missing boy. this is sergio zepeda. he is only six years old, he is autistic and not comfortable speaking. according to his mother, the family lost track of him this morning near his house on rorty drive east of highway 87. a live shot for you right now of the search that is going on. you can see the search and rescue teams out on the streets. earlier today officers helped family members look for the boy. he was last seen wearing a black super mario brothers t-shirt and blew jeans. he has a red rash op his lip. police say if you see him, please approach with caution. >> he would more than likely not communicate at all and might be frightened. a six-year-old that's lost is probably very confused right now. and just, you know, act calm and get ahold of us as soon as possible. >> police add, if you see sergio, try to follow him at a distance and stay with him until
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they can get there. now to our other top story. in just a few hours, a soldout crowd will fill levi stadium for a soccer match. we're watching to closely see how traffic and the field holds up. mayor ya favro is live at the stadium. how does it look? >> reporter: oh my gosh, terry. this parking lot is hopping. there are hundreds of tailgaters here. over here we've had people who have just thrown on some food on the grill. people are excited about the game open for most people this is their first visit to levi stadium. ♪ >> reporter: and they are marking the occasion with live mauzic when lots of food. they're here for the sellout soccer game between mexico and chile and the people we talked to said they had smooth sailing getting her and finding parking.
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>> came from san francisco, took us about an hour drive, very smooth. and we're going to be here until -- tailgating was very smooth actually. very nice. >> reporter: her family has a lot of soccer players so she'll definitely be checking out the new tur. tonight will be the first test of the turf since the 9ers replaced it. when what has now been installed is the same type of turf that was used at candle stick for years. nearly 70,000 fans wills be checking out to see if it looks nice and holds up. now tonight is also going to be a test on how well people can get out of here after a game. you may remember after the 49ers preseason game they were losing so badly that thousands of people left early. well tonight all 70,000 fans are going to try to get out of here at one piem. this will be the ultimate test for the traffic plan.
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reporting live in santa clara, maryan favro. >> college football fans making their way out of the farm and they're disappointed. stanford defeated today by unc. take a look at the live traffic from our traffic cam. this is university avenue and it looks pretty darn normal to us. not a big surge right now. before the game a sea of fans filled the streets near the stadium. a lot of police out there. one fan says he has invented a system to get through the mess. >> you got to know the back roads to get here and you got to walk. it's good to park in the residential area and walk maybe ten minutes. rather than trying to fight this. and especially i's not that bad coming in but coming out it's probably going to take you hours to ge out of her. >> stanford police report no arrests or problems with
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traffic, just problems with the game. a san jose man accused of beating an elderly man at a south bay park is in custody this morning. francisco turned himself into authorities today. he was wanted for felony assault after authorities say he attacked the victim in the rest room. the victim suffered nonlife threatening injury. one man killed, another injured following a shooter. officers say someone shot a man in the chest last night and left him on nichols way. he died later at san francisco general. according to police, another man was transported to the hospital with gunshot wounds. he's expected to survive. and investigators believe those two shootings may be connected. no suspect information is being released. we have more details on the bus crash in the east bay that left 11 people injured. take a look at the scene from last night, 18th street in richmond. officers say an ac transit bus
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driver swerved to avoid hitting a stolen car. the bus ended up crashing into a homecoming within inches of a three-month-old baby inside the house. investigators say the person who owned the car is still on the run. currently on probation for multiple stolen vehicle charges. according to officers, he ran away from the scene. the bus driver told police he was driving 25 miles an hour when he tried to swerve to avoid the stolen car. a follow-up now, crews are slowly starting to tear down a san francisco build destroyed by a fire earlier this week. that building was located on mission street between 22nd and 23rd. nbc bay asia christy smith is rive at the scene. it looks like cleanup is going the take some time. >> reporter: yeah, good evening to you, terry. it is loud out here and that's for hours now crews have been running a generator, using
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jackhammers and hand hammers bringing down bricks on the front side of the building that faces the sidewalk. what we can tell you is that huge pile of debris that's been sitting out front is dwon. it had been locking two lanes here on mission street between 22nd and 23rd in front of big house ink, the three story shop that caught fire thursday after sending a huge plume of smoke and flames into the neighborhood. the store was filled with clothes and luggage and other items, so much that firefighters said it was a challenge to fight. yesterday the battalion chief said the building would have to come down, that it was unsafe. the roof had caved in. but the first permits were in place. one construction worker tells me that the build will need to be shored up adds well, that they didn't want to bring it down quickly without damaging the neighboring buildings. that's something they don't want to do. back here live on mission i wanted to let anyone know who's come in the area that even though the debris is cleaned up,
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it still is closed to traffic except for official vehicles and buses between 22nd and 23rd. reporting live in san francisco, christy smith, nbc bay area news. thank you very much for that. one person is dead after an earlier morning crash in the south bay. happened a little before 2:00 this morning in san jose. on the ramp connecting highway 101 to northbound 680. a honda crashed into the retaining wall. both passengers got out of the vehicle. that's when an oncoming car struck the honda. it barrelled into one of the passengers. the unidentified woman died at the scene. oakland mayor jean quan says her city will no longer host the urban shield conference. this year's conference and trade show kicked off yesterday. it was met with protests in downtown oakland, some 5,000 emergency responders from around the world are attending this
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conference. they're taking part in disaster drills all around the area. the mayor says the negative publicity is not worth hosting the conference again. some call it a drastic measure. the embattled san jose police department is proposing a new plan and it comes out as numbers released this week revealed the department faces new problems in getting new officers. here's nbc bay syria's robert hon honda. >> is san jose police department is tayinging the staffing problem in different directions. the number of officers has dropped by the hundreds. mayor chuck reed endorsed an officer retention program promoesed by the police chief. the program which nbc bay area first revealed last week offers long-time cops a chance to retire but stay on the job, in essence bank pension money while earning pay. >> we've seen in other departments that this is something that's very popular
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with the officers. we'd expect that to be true here. obviously it needs to be negotiated at the bargaining table. >> the police union says similar plans have caused other cities major problems. >> to be con trath their efforts on this two month before the election, they need to concentrate on what it's going to take to recruit and retain new officers. >> for the second time this year, 29 recruits in a class that fills 60. >> we know that again, start next year, we'll see historic low staffing numbers in san jose. >> we're hiring through more academies. and if we don't get quite as many per academy. as long as we can build this department and really halt the bleeding, i think that's what's most important. >> reporter: the efforts to solve the staffing problems will face major tests soon when the city finds out how many academy graduates stay on the force and if and when the officer retention program goes before
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the intentire city council. hundreds of homes have been evacuated near yosemite as the firefighter battle a wildfire 15 miles southwest of the park. it broke out yesterday. state route 49 that leads into the park has been closed. but keep in mind the rest of the park is open. no homes or businesses have been damaged. officials say dry conditions are fueling that fire, making it harder to ice rate. and meteorologist rob mayeda is joining us with a look at the conditions that the firefighters are facing. >> we're seeing the temperatures tomorrow into the 90s, dry conditions, low humidity, breezy conditions. tough for firefighters as we wrap up the weekend. notice on monday the drop in temperatures and there's a chance we could see some thunder showers approaching from the south. right now the radar fairy dry. we've been watching some action in southern california with flash flood watches in part of the desert of california.
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this is courtesy of what will be former hurricane norbert at one point. notice how the moisture is streaming into southern california. there is a chance that some of that may head as far north as yosemite, perhaps briefly bringing showers there. and we'll see more moisture heading close tore the bay area. we'll show you how that will impact your sunday plans coming up. coming up, stopping the ebola outbreak in west africa. the groups who say a new lockdown may hurt efforts to contain it. and new details on immigration reform, the promise from the president after he decides to delay taking action on it.
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an extreme measure to
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contain the biggest outbreak of ebola in west africa. the government announced a four-day nationwide lockdown to stop the spread of the disease. the lockdown begins on september 18th. according to a government spokesman, the lockdown is aimed at helping health workers identify and isolate new cases. however, doctors without borders has raised concerns about this. the group says this may lead people to hide infections from the authorities. and doctors in the united states are now treating the third american to become infected with ebola. the missionary doctor was flown to nebraska medical center in om has. sara dull la has more. >> rick say cell was well enough to walk on to a plane in liberia for transport back to the u.s. he was in the nebraska biocontainment unit where trs say he's sick but stable. >> we're doing our basic checks
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on him right now be getting our baseline laboratories with, making sure that his fluid status is equal. >> there's no treatment that specifically targets ebola and there aren't any for doses of the interment tall drug given to the other doctor patients, dr. kent brantly and nancy white bol. but they could help with another experiment tall therapy. >> we're evaluating the possibility of using serum from the recovered patients. they would have anti-body formed against the virus. >> the doctor became infected while treating pregnant women in liberia. there are two promising ebola vaccines and they could be available by november. the priority would be to give the vaccines to the health care workers in the areas affected by the outbreak. >> the number of cases is rising
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exponentially. the disease is spreading far faster than the response. >> about 4,000 cases of ebola have been reported, more than 2,000 people have died. in omaha, nebraska, nbc news. president obama announced toads he will delay action on immigration reform until after the november elections. the president believes taking action before the elections will politicize the issue and hurt any chance at a long term comprehensive reform. after the announcement some republicans accused the president of playing political games. the white house says the president will act on immigration reform before the end of the year. and don't miss chuck todd's debut as moderator of "meet the press" tomorrow morning. that edition will feature an exclusive interrue with president obama, todd sitting down with the president to discuss the threat of sigh sis,
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u.s. relations with ukraine and russia and the upcoming november elections. "meet the press" tomorrow morning right here an nbc bay area. the u.s. coast guard is assisting jamaica authorities as they search for debris from a private plane that crashed on friday. the pilot and his wife are believed to have been killed in that crash. their private jet was bound from new york to florida when air traffic controllers lost contract. the fighter jets tried to find the plane. they could see the plane's windows frosted and the pilot slurched over the controls. >> the first images of possible debris from where a private plane crash into the caribbean sea. the coast guard unit of the jamaican defense force began its search friday afternoon. >> at present we're coordinating with the u.s. authorities to j search for the aircraft. >> a u.s. coast guard search
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plane, a helicopter as well as a cutter are en route to the scene to help with the search and looking for answers to see what happened on the brand-new plane. >> we have an indication that is not correct. >> the first sign of trouble for the plane began on friday, less than two hours after they took off in rod chester, new york, bound for naples, florida. >> tbm descend and maintain. >> when atlanta air controllers lost contract, he scrambled. the f-15 pilots assumed he was hypoxia. >> in a matter of minute you start to feel the effects of hypox hypoxia. but 10, 15, 20 minutes, then you
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will su qume watch them go. the obstacle course that has the bay officers spinning their wheels and for a good cause. we'll be right back.
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check this out. honoring fallen police officers killed many the line of duty in a very different way. today dozens of officers from across the west and around the world in san francisco raising money for the san francisco police foundation. part of the free event had 75 officers showing off their precision motorcycle skills. money raised today will go to holiday toy drives and community outreach programs. this also lets you know even if you're trying to escape from a police officer on a bike going down lombard street, it's just not going to work. meteorologist rob mayeda is here with your forecast. >> you did see the clouds earlier this morning. now sunshine around san francisco. some of the haze is from the
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smoke from the fires burning off drifting south over the bay a a area. low 70s around san jose. onshore winds right now will pull in the low clouds as we head into tonight. speaking of the low clouds, during the day they backed away from the coast. nice day. we should see temperatures in the 60s and 0s to wrap up the weekend. but the weather picture very interesting for central and southern california there at the bottom of the screen. this is hurricane norbert right now. winds sustained at 100 miles per hour. category 2 storm moving parallel to baja, california. but as the moisture drift to the north, it's creating interesting weather in the form of flood watches up for southern california. during the day we're going to be watching some of the high clounds on approach to the bay area. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, drizzle in a few spots. notice on the right side of the
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streen, santa cruz, that's some of the moisture that's going to try to work its way up from the south. most of the rain we'll see over the next couple of days will be over the deserts of southern california. but notice here on the coast, we could see a few of the showers. for the bay area, south of san jose we'll see increase in clouds late tomorrow and you may notice the humid unfortunately coming up a little. tomorrow's temperatures close to 80, mid and upper 80s, morgan hill 88 degrees, near 70 in san francisco, pleasanton 86 degrees. we'll see the temperatures staying cool for now. notice what happens as we head to tuesday and wednesday. high pressure builds in, 90s back in the picture for places like santa rosa, perhaps the mid 80s by the middle of the week. notice livermore here, you'll see the temperatures warming up into the low 90s wednesday and
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thursday. so for now we'll see just those low clouds, cooler temperatures for the first half of the week and then warmer as we approach wednesday and thursday. but you may notice the increase in humidity as we watch very closely the moisture from norbert. some of those clouds could be spilling our way by this time later tomorrow. back to you. when we come back, veterans visiting veterans memorials. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill.
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a youp of world war war ii vets is preparing for a trip. they received orientation for a free trip to washington, d.c. this month. they're going to be visiting sites honoring veterans all part of an event called honor flight. organizers say these veterans have never been able to visit the monuments dedicated to their service. >> for many they have never been to washington, d.c. if for all they have not seen the world war ii memorial specifically. we'll see all of the relative
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rhett van memorials, including the changing of the guard at arlington. >> the flight tour will take place over the course of three days. veterans will visit historic sites in other cities before arriving in washington. that's fantastic, seeing a memorial dedicated to them. >> the weather is pretty nice. hazy skies right now. the temperatures tomorrow, near 80. turning warmer towards the middle of the week. >> thank you for joining us. the michigan wolverines facing the notre dame fighting irish coming up.
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television any time that notre dame enters into a agreement we want a partner with a like vision. we play for our championships and under our championships. >> and under armour has the same goals aommitment to the student athlete. that is the common core value. you have one of the most classic iconic brands in sports, period, moving with the fast-moving innovative company. >> when you put that jersey on, the blue under armour jersey, it means that you have to live up to high, high, high expectations. >> announcer: welcome to the us bank nbc sports report.


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